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This Winter and Spring PLC offers several online courses including our 
brand NEW online course in ADVOCACY AND LIBRARY ISSUES 
Kathleen DeLong & Pam Ryan of the University of Alberta Libraries.

PLC's 2008 Winter and Spring Catalogue is now available - request your 
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Registration is open for the following online courses:

11 Feb 2008 - 30 Mar 2008
7 weeks; online
Instructor: Jennifer Holland
Fee: $395.00

An in-depth instructor-led web course focusing on legal research skills 
using Internet resources. Aimed at librarians, articling students, 
researchers, government employees and those conducting legal research 
particularly within a legal environment. The course is at the 
introductory to intermediate level and assumes basic knowledge of using 
web resources.

"I am becoming addicted to the chase and can hardly wait to see what 
each Monday will bring. I am also amazed at how comprehensive your 
materials are".

25 Feb 2008 - 31 Mar 2008
6 weeks; online
Instructor: Maggie Weaver
Fee: $325.00

In a one-person library or information service organization, there never 
seems to be enough time to do the administrative work, never mind the 
professional. This covers practical management techniques that will make 
it easier to decide among conflicting priorities. Provides the added 
benefit of receiving feedback and guidance from the instructor, Maggie 
Weaver, who has years of experience working as a solo information 
professional and has taught several business courses for librarians. 
Students do not work alone, but discuss situations and ideas with Maggie 
and with fellow solos.

24 Mar 2008 - 11 May 2008
7 weeks; online
Instructors: Kathleen DeLong & Pam Ryan
Fee: $395.00

This instructor-led course will provide participants the knowledge 
needed to understand the advocacy process and exercise professional 
leadership in the advocacy of library issues. Advocacy may relate to 
policy, funds, support, or partnership, and may be directed to external 
or internal decision-makers. Focuses on the nature of advocacy, the 
relationship of advocacy to promotion and marketing, decision-makersí 
environments and their perceptions of libraries, and the identification 
and engagement of stakeholders. Major emphasis is on the development of 
advocacy plans (objectives, target groups, obstacles, communication 
tools, and evaluation). Participants will develop an advocacy plan; one 
that is tailored to their own individual need or environment.

24 Mar 2008 - 12 May 2008
8 weeks; online
Instructor: David Hopkins
Fee: $725.00
Certificate in RM Fundamentals

In this eight-week course you will master the fundamentals of records 
and information management. The course covers the major components in 
managing the internal information of an organization and will provide an 
understanding of what is involved in developing a records management 
program for both paper and electronic records.
The course is designed to be very practical so that students learn the 
concepts, see how the concepts are applied, and then use them in 
real-life situations. The instructors are records management 
practitioners who speak from extensive experience and expertise.

"I feel more confident dealing with the records that I have in my office 
now. I never realized just how important records management was to a 
business. Now I want to go back to some of the offices I've worked in 
before and make some changes in how they file some things!"

7 weeks; online
4 Apr 2008 - 2 Jun 2008
Instructor: Gwen Harris

Which Web search engines are the best? What tool should be used for what 
purpose? How are they best used? How can I find answers to my questions 
more quickly? This in-depth course will help build skills in using the 
main tools and most effective strategies for searching the Web.

"I wanted a web searching course with some depth, not one of the 
three-hour or one-day workshops that are normally advertised. That's 
exactly what I got."

"I would recommend the course with no reservations. I know that I am 
much more successful in searching the web than in the past. It's so 
satisfying to take a course that gives you practical information that 
you can apply right away."

Mon. 12 May 2008 - Sun. 29 Jun 2008
7 weeks; online
Instructor: Rebecca Jones
Fee: $395.00 PLC

This practical course will assist you in assessing the learning needs of 
your organization and show you how to design an effective training 
program, whether it be based on a delivery method that is face-to-face, 
e-learning, or blended learning. The course will introduce strategies 
for making learning for adults interactive and relevant and will also 
present methods for evaluating and determining the Return on Investment 
of your training activities.

"Your facilitation was excellent, the resources and handouts very useful 
and you provided a great model for us to aspire to. I quite enjoyed the 
course, especially your feedback on the assignments and your weekly 


12-month subscription; online
Fee: $199.00

The Taxonomy Guide is a web resource of organized, structured, and 
clearly written content on building and implementing an enterprise 
taxonomy. The Guide is both a learning tool and a reference resource 
designed to help you master the concepts, relationships and essential 
steps for taxonomy design and project planning. The Guide consolidates 
and improves the usability of information about taxonomies that is 
typically fragmented and dispersed and, in many cases, difficult or 
expensive to acquire.

Designed for knowledge workers, records managers, librarians, 
information architects, and other information professionals engaged in 
structuring enterprise content for better retrieval.

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