Hi APLA members,

Just "chatted" with an irate patron with $500 of overdue materials?  Know a Mom who thinks the Children's Section is a babysitting service for her pre-school twins? Chased any vandals from the men's washroom lately?

If you have a "problem patron" situation you would like to discuss with your colleagues, you can submit it to the "Libraries Exposed" APLA 2008 conference by:

1) responding to this email, or

2) completing the form at

Deadline for case submissions is February 28, 2008.

Four to five of the cases submitted will be chosen as the basis for "Prescription for Problem Patrons", a moderated session during the May 2008 conference, wherein you and your APLA colleagues will brainstorm solutions to your sticky situations.  You will be assisted in your work by a professional facilitator. If we receive multiple nominations, we will create a "hybrid" example with shared characteristics.

Thanks in advance, and see you in Charlottetown!

The APLA 2008 Program Comittee