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Monday, Dec. 10th, 3-4pm ET (12-1pm, PT)
Book Repair Tips and Techniques (Part One) -- Introduction and Paper Cleaning and Mending
with Ken Lavender - 1-hour WEB CONFERENCE

Librarians and other conservators concerned with preserving their collections must deal with not only the deterioration of older materials, but also with poorly made and costly new ones. This series of four sessions is useful for those interested in basic, minimal mending, and those that are interested in conservation and preservation. Ken's advice will be practical, affordable, and archivally sound.

Session One will cover the basics: tools, techniques, and workspaces plus strategies to clean and mend paper.

Part Two: Treatment of Water Damaged Books and Papers (January 28, 2008)
Part Three: Hinge and Spine Repair (March 2008)
Part Four: Protective Enclosures (May 2008)

Tuesday, Dec. 11, 1-2pm ET (11am-12pm, PT)
In the Eye of the Beholder: Privacy, Censorship and Identity on the Web
with Geoff Harder and Kenton Good - 1 hour WEB CONFERENCE

Web 2.0 and emerging technology provide individuals and communities (including libraries) with many wonderful opportunities to form connections and networks. Personalization, social networking, recommendation services and so forth are but a few of the many wonderful possibilities realized by the current generation of Web services and applications. But as Peter Parker might say about the Internet, "With great power comes great responsibility."

This session will examine some of the many different facets of online identity, privacy and censorship as they relate to the Net. What does this mean for those of using popular Web services like Facebook and MySpace? How does Net Neutrality affect the future of my Internet experience? What does this mean for libraries? What does this mean for our users?

By keeping both eyes open and by using careful planning, education and a little forethought, libraries and their users will both enjoy the best of what the Internet and Web 2.0 has to offer. Join us for an entertaining and informative discussion of the murkier side of Internet life.

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