Posted on behalf of the Canadian Virtual Hospice: 

The Canadian Virtual Hospice (CVH) is in need of recommendations regarding the reorganization of resources on their website.

"The way entries are tagged now, they are inclusive rather than exclusive (for example under "aboriginal", instead of listing resources dealing specifically with aboriginal palliative care, the section includes all resources that aboriginal people might be interested in).  There is much duplication and the organization is not always intuitive. If you visit the Resrouces section you can see the challenge for people in homing in on resources they require."

This is a contract position.  Remuneration and deadlines to be discussed directly with the CVH Executive Director, Shelly Cory:

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Penny Logan
Manager Library Services
Capital Health
1796 Summer St., Room 2212
Halifax, NS  B3H 3A7
Fax: 902-473-8651
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Canada Needs A National Network of Libraries for Health
Le Canada a besoin d'un Réseau national des bibliothèques pour la santé