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Myra Rodrigues, a friend and colleague of mine, has started a journey to raise funds for CNIB Library - she began the journey last week in St John's (see article extract below) and will be participating in the Marathon by the Sea, Saint John, Sunday September 23 and the Prince Edward Island Marathon in Charlottetown, Sunday October 14, 2007.    If you see Myra at either of these events please cheer her on and if you'd like to read more about her journey or support her efforts please visit her web site at:     
Here you’ll find biographical information, a Donations page, a message board and blog, and a full schedule of her events.  By the time she finishes her journey Myra will have completed 13 half-marathons – all before her 66th birthday!
Her final stop in Atlantic Canada is the Blue Nose International Marathon, in Halifax, May 18, 2008.
Extract from an article in the The Telegram (St. John's)
Provincial, Monday, September 17, 2007, p. A3
Marathon of words - Vision loss walker starts journey in St. John's
Byline: Banks, Paul

Myra Rodrigues is pounding the marathon pavement for what she feels is the liberation of those with vision loss.

The 64-year-old Toronto woman started her power-walking initiative in St. John's on a rainy Sunday with the Newfoundland Provincial Marathon. She is now endeavouring to power-walk a marathon in each of the provinces and territories to raise money for the CNIB, the national organization that assists those with vision loss.

That includes Rodrigues. She has just two per cent of her vision, seeing only bright lights and bright colours when up close.

That's why when she walked a half-marathon Sunday, she could be seen escorted by a guide, holding onto lightweight flexible tubing attached to her guide's fanny pack.

She started as a client with the CNIB when she was four years old - after being affected by infantile glaucoma - and says she understands how important the services are for those with vision loss.

"I'm turning 65 and thought it would be nice to do a race in every province, but I thought, 'That's kind of selfish, I should be doing it for a purpose.' I couldn't think of a better purpose," she said.

Rodrigues is trying to raise money to expand the CNIB's national braille and audiobook collection, and to help with the transfer of audiobooks from analogue to digital.

Myra’s adventure begins in the fall of 2007 as she celebrates her 65th birthday. In the following 12 months she plans to complete a half-marathon power-walk (21.1 km) in each of Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories.

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