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Our popular web-based course on MASTERING WEB SEARCHING starts October 
15, 2007. There is still space and time to register. Both certificate 
and non-certificate options available. 

7 weeks
October 15- December 3
Instructor: Gwen Harris

Which Web search engines are the best? What tool should be used for what 
purpose? How are they best used? How can I find answers to my questions 
more quickly? This in-depth course will help build skills in using the 
main tools and most effective strategies for searching the Web.

"I wanted a web searching course with some depth, not one of the 
three-hour or one-day workshops that are normally advertised. That's 
exactly what I got."
"The notes I have from you will be my bible. Thank you again and again. 
I LOVED taking this course."
"I would recommend the course with no reservations. I know that I am 
much more successful in searching the web than in the past. It's so 
satisfying to take a course that gives you practical information that 
you can apply right away."

For more information and to register contact us at 
<> tel. (416) 978 7111 or e-mail: 
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