The national network of provincial and territorial library associations,
operating as The Partnership, completed its annual multi-day working
retreat in Toronto on August 22, 2007. All twelve associations were
represented, the majority by both their President and Vice-President.
All four Executive Directors participated as did the new Nunavut Library

Chaired by the Atlantic Provinces Library Association President Donna
Bourne-Tyson, the 24 representatives spent an intensive two days on the
programs and services the associations are collectively offering to
their 8,000 members. The projects discussed during the retreat included:
the Education Institute, the national Job Board, the Partnership's
electronic journal, Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and
Information Practice and Research, the OLAStore and the newest
development, the Library Career Centre. 

The discussion on the Library Career Centre was led by Judith
Silverthorne, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Library
Association, where the project's interim Web site is located. Enormous
progress was made over the two days. It is hoped that a test version can
be made available this fall for comment by the 8,000 members for which
the associations are creating the Library Career Centre. Discussion on
how CLA's Info-Nation could be inter-linked was inconclusive since
no-one at CLA was in a position to comment on the status of that Web
site. This and other questions raised will be pursued aggressively over
the coming two months. The Partnership will consider members' comments
on the Library Career Centre at its January meeting with a mind to
launching the finished product some time in the spring.

It was the first opportunity for the associations to see the printed
Education Institute catalogue which is more impressive than ever. EI
Committee chair, Trudy Amirault, former president of the Nova Scotia
Library Association and OLA Education Director Liz Kerr led discussions
around the streamlining of procedures, relations with speakers and the
marketing of the fall program. For more on the Institute, see the News
Headline Story for August 17.

Jennifer Richard, Editor of Partnership: the Canadian Journal of
Library and Information Practice and Research, and a former President of
the Atlantic Provinces Library Association, offered to continue as
editor for The Partnership. The meeting expressed great pleasure at her
offer and offered their congratulations to her and her cross-Canada
editors for the extraordinary job they have done in the first two

The three-month-old national Partnership Job Board is hosted by the
British Columbia Library Association and has been adopted by about a
third of the associations. The concept is totally new to several
associations and some associations have been providing job advertising
at no cost requiring local adjustment in thinking and expectations.
Efforts are to be made to bring the Job Board up on the Web sites of all
Partnership associations. 

Participants in the Partnership retreat were: Library Association of
Alberta: President Della Paradis, Executive Director Christine Sheppard
Atlantic Provinces Library Association: President Donna Bourne-Tyson,
Vice-President Su Cleyle
British Columbia Library Association: Vice-President Lynne Jordon,
Executive Director Michael Burris
Manitoba Library Association: President Rainer Schira, Vice-President
Carolyn Minor
Newfoundland and Labrador Library Association: President Daniel Duda
Northwest Territories Library Association: Vice-President Alison
Nova Scotia Library Association: President Charlotte Janes,
Vice-President Lynn Somers, former President Trudy Amirault (Partnership
committee chair)
Nunavut Library Association: President Rae-Lynne Patterson
Ontario Library Association: President Esther Rosenfeld, Vice-President
Sam Coghlan, Executive Director Larry Moore, Deputy Director Jefferson
Gilbert, Education Director Liz Kerr
L'Association des bibliothèques du Québec Library Association:
President Janine West, Vice-President Lisa Milner
Saskatchewan Library Association: President Amy Rankin, Vice-President
Erin Romanyshyn, Executive Director Judith SilverthorneAll programs and
services of The Partnership are part of APLA membership benefits.

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