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Another year of professional development opportunities at the PLC is 
just around the corner. In August look for the Fall 2007 Catalogue in 
the mail.Visit our website 
<> for a complete fall schedule, updates 
and announcements, detailed info about our courses and instructors, and 
to register. Looking forward!

The following web-based courses are coming up this fall at the PLC:

8 weeks
September 10 - October 29
Instructor: Paul Fisher

In this course you will master the fundamentals of records and 
information management. The course covers the major components in 
managing the internal information of an organization and will provide an 
understanding of what is involved in developing a records management 
program for both paper and electronic records.

The course is designed to be very practical so that students learn the 
concepts, see how the concepts are applied, and then use them in 
real-life situations.

"I can now perform my job with much more confidence and hopefully pass 
this knowledge on to my less experienced co-workers. I also have learned 
that it can be a stepping stone for me, as I have a new attitude in my 
professional occupation"

"There were specific records management issues that I was struggling 
with at work and I was able to use those examples in my assignments and 
gain valuable feedback from the instructor that I can apply directly to 
those issues. Gained a great peer contact through my partnering 
assignment as well. We've kept in contact even after the assignments 
have been completed. It's nice that I was partnered with someone in my 
geographic area who is in the same line of work as me"

7 weeks
September 24 - November 5
Instructor: Rebecca Jones

This course will assist you in assessing the learning needs of your 
organization and show you how to design an effective training program, 
whether it be based on a delivery method that is face-to-face, 
e-learning, or blended learning. The course will introduce strategies 
for making learning for adults interactive and relevant and will also 
present methods for evaluating and determining the Return on Investment 
of your training activities.

"If you ever have to do any training, take this course!"
"Definitely take this course! It's practical, the information is 
thought-provoking and this course is a must for anyone involved in 
planning and delivering staff training."

7 weeks
October 15- December 3
Instructor: Gwen Harris

Which Web search engines are the best? What tool should be used for what 
purpose? How are they best used? How can I find answers to my questions 
more quickly? T
his in-depth course will help build skills in using the main tools and 
most effective strategies for searching the Web.

"I wanted a web searching course with some depth, not one of the 
three-hour or one-day workshops that are normally advertised. That's 
exactly what I got." "The notes I have from you will be my bible. Thank 
you again and again. I LOVED taking this course." "I would recommend the 
course with no reservations. I know that I am much more successful in 
searching the web than in the past. It's so satisfying to take a course 
that gives you practical information that you can apply right away."

For more information and to register contact us at 
<> tel. (416) 978 7111 or e-mail: 
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