Hello, Charlotte, and all.  I have attached a collation of comments from BC post-secondary libraries offering suggestions in response to a similar question regarding the challenges of dealing with DVDs.

Liz Ball

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We are adding more and more DVDs to our collection 
and are exploring ways to secure them.  
We currently apply circular tattle-tapes to our CD-ROMs 
and we put our musical CDs in protective plastic cases.   
Both are freely accessible in the library.
We'd be interested to know if, and how, other libraries are protecting
their DVDs,
using circular tattle-tapes, protective cases, or by storing the disk
behind the circulation desk or in another non accessible place.

We are looking at the practical and financial aspects, 
but we are also concerned with the environmental impact of our choice. 

Any comment or information would be greatly appreciated.
(You can respond to me directly)

Thank you very much,

Charlotte Dionne

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