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The APLA executive is pleased to report that the members passed two important motions at the Ordinary General Meeting during the CLA/APLA/NLLA National Conference in St. John's May 23-28, 2007.


Motion: It is moved that APLA support open access publishing, and begin with Volume 71 of the APLA bulletin, to be open access.


Motion: It is moved that APLA adopt a creative commons copyright statement with the first online issue, to replace the current copyright statement.


Both motions were passed unanimously.  While it hasn't been confirmed, this might mean that APLA is the second library association in Canada to fully support open access publishing. 


The Bulletin Management Committee (BMC) will be working to implement these changes over the summer including developing a new rate schedule for advertisers.  Benefits for advertisers will include the ability to present colour ads at no extra cost, and click-through links to their own websites.   Based on a suggestion at the OGM, a letter will go out to all subscribers, library schools and academic libraries from the editors on behalf of the BMC, to inform all interested parties of these exciting changes.


As a subscriber, you will receive a print commemorative issue which will be the final issue of Volume 70.  A pilot online version of the same issue will be produced as well.  Then starting with the new volume, the Bulletin will be electronic only.  


Publishing an online open access journal will make it easier to deliver current information, colour photographs, and links to related items.  Open access will allow us to open up APLA's news to potential new members and other interested readers.  More details will be forthcoming from the BMC.  Please contact me or any member of the APLA executive if you have any suggestions or feedback.


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