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Dear colleagues,

Tomorrow morning, we have a delightful and unexpected opportunity to hear two noted researchers in our field who combine scholarship in IT applications with the information needs and seeking of children and young adults. Everyone is welcome to this informal seminar.

Date: Friday 13th March
Time: 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
Place: Room 3089, Rowe Management Building, Dalhousie University, Executive Training Caseroom

Information on Andy and Jamshid's research topics follow.

"Young People as Research Partners: The Bonded Design Approach to Intergenerational Collaboration"

Andrew J. Large, CN-Pratt-Grinstad Professor, Graduate School of Library & Information Studies, McGill University

Abstract: User-centered design now is common when the users happen to be adults, but less so when they are children. This presentation describes and discusses a design method that emerged from working with elementary school students to design web portals and which has subsequently been called "Bonded Design".

"A Virtual Library for Children"

Jamshid Beheshti, Associate Dean (Administration), Faculty of Education, McGill University

Abstract: We describe the design and development of a non-immersive virtual reality information environment for children to assist them to browse visually through digital resources for educational projects.  The VRLibrary has been constructed using the metaphor of a physical library with rooms, bookcases and books. The user can walk around the library, move among the bookcases, scan the titles of books arranged on the bookshelves, select individual books, and open them to access the digital contents.

Please join us!


Fiona A. Black, PhD, Director
School of Information Management
Faculty of Management
Dalhousie University