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BEGINS Monday, Mar. 19th for 6 weeks
Building a Dynamic Web Presence with Web 2.0 Tools
with Amanda Etches-Johnson - 6 week on-line course

Web 2.0, Library 2.0, blogs, RSS, wikis, IM, tags, podcasting. Chances
are, you've heard these terms tossed around over the past few months,
and you're probably eager to get a grasp on what it all means for your
library. If so, this course is for you! Join us as we explore ways in
which libraries can use these tools and technologies for on-line content
delivery, to create a dynamic Web presence and enhance the user

Tuesday, Mar. 20, 4-5pm ET (1-2pm PT)
 Put A Blog on the Fire! Light That Wiki!
with Anita Brooks Kirkland - 1 hour WEB CONFERENCE

This is an overview session for educators who have not had time to
explore some of the new internet technologies and tools that have the
potential to profoundly change the learning landscape as we know it

Do you know about wikis, podcasting, blogging? These terms, while
unfamiliar to us, are everyday language for most of the students in our
classrooms. We are progressing into a virtual social networking
environment made possible by the ever-increasing development of new
on-line collaboration tools which are used for communication by our
students, but have good potential as teaching and learning tools also.
This session will begin to spark your curiosity, and begin to build your
knowledge and skill in this new world.

Mercredi, 19 mars 16h HNE (13h HNP)
L'Encyclopédie canadienne et Historica
avec Allison Simpson  - Une heure Conférence de Web

L'Encyclopédie canadienne est l'ouvrage de référence le plus complet et
le plus fiable sur le Canada. Et c'est gratuit !

À le texte complet de l'Encyclopédie
canadienne et de l'Encyclopédie de la musique vous sont accessibles
ainsi qu'une chronologie de l'histoire du Canada et du monde, des
articles de fond et un éventail de ressources multimédia.

    * 40 000 articles en français et en anglais sur tout ce qui touche
au Canada : histoire, culture populaire, politique, sports, arts,
musique, Premières Nations...
    * 7000 photos, cartes, graphiques, vidéos et galeries
    * Site Web complètement gratuit et régulièrement mis à jour
    * Liens vers des sites sélectionnés
    * Nombreuses ressources multimédia et interactives, des échelles
chronologiques, des jeux, des galeries

Thursday, Mar. 22nd, 4-5pm ET (1-2pm, PT)
Developing Critical Thinking skills Through Media Literacy
with Belinha De Abreu  - 1 hour AUDIO CONFERENCE

Television, radio, movies, magazines -- information reaches kids
through all of these formats. How can you help students develop the
critical thinking skills they need to navigate through information in
all formats? This session will offer an introduction to this
all-important 21st century literacy. Traditional literacy focused on the
printed word. New literacies incorporate words, graphics, sounds, still
and moving images, pictures, charts and other formats to communicate
messages. Today's digital environment brings new challenges to educators
and this introductory session will provide an excellent foundation upon
which to build new dimensions in teaching and learning.

Friday, Mar. 23rd, 1-2pm ET (10-11am, PT)
 British Books in Canada: The Great Unknown
with Nicholas Hoare - 1 hour AUDIO CONFERENCE

British books are buried treasure. They are poorly promoted in Canada,
and all too rarely reviewed, but remain a rich resource for Canadian
libraries, whose collections are often impoverished by their absence.

In this session, Nicholas Hoare will attempt to differentiate between
myth and mystique in UK collection development.

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