Press Release

The Nova Scotia Association of Library Technicians is pleased to
announce the formation of a new library association for Library
Technicians.  The purpose of the association is as follows: 

   a) To promote a wider understanding, acceptance and advancement of
the professional role 

   of the Library Technician in Nova Scotia.

b) To collaborate with other library associations and other
organizations in response to issues that relate to the entire library

c) To encourage and provide continuing education in the field of
library technology.

d) To act as a provincial forum, with effective communication across
Nova Scotia, for the exchange of concerns, ideas and activities of
library technicians.

e) To coordinate activities in order to facilitate this exchange of
concerns and ideas.

The first executive was elected on March 12th, 2007.  The members of
the new executive are:

·     President - Erica Smith

·     Vice-President - Erin Purcell

·     Treasurer - Jo-Ann Johnston

·     Secretary - Patricia Madden

"Today is a historical and exciting day for Library Technicians in Nova
Scotia.  NSALT intends to advance our profession through active
membership, promotion and marketing and partnerships." says Erica Smith,
NSALT President.  
Atlantic Baptist University