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You don't want to miss this INFORMATIVE WEB Conference!

" Mashups, a New Opportunity in this 2.0 World "
with  Michael Vandenburg

Tech Tuesdays: Talking with  Techies, no. 32

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007
3:00 PM ET 12:00 PM PT
1 hour - WEB Conference

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On of the most interesting types of applications to emerge from Web 2.0
is the mashup, a system that combines content from different Web sources
into an integrated experience.  Widely known Web mashups include
HousingMaps, which merges local housing data with Google Maps to present
a rich Web experience.  Although innovative and highly functional for
the end-user, these mashups can be surprisingly simple to create.   

Using examples like an RFP application that allows a library to
purchase titles from its own vendors based on requests for purchase
originating in, this session explores how libraries can take
advantage of mashups and other new Web-fueled technologies to rethink
how content and services can be delivered.  So, whether you're working
in the backroom to create new Web services for your library, or at the
reference desk facing patrons in person, take this opportunity to delve
into the world of mashups.  Who knows - you may even learn a couple of
new 3-letter acronyms!

Michael Vandenburg not only understands mashups, he has created them
and even won an Award for one. This is as authoritative as it gets --
the perfect blend of knowledge and experience. Michael graduated from
the School of Library and Information Studies in Dalhousie University in
Halifax in 1998.  Following a brief time at the Free Library in
Philadelphia, Michael moved to Kingston Public Library as Database and
System Services Librarian. Michael is the 2007 President of GLUG (Geac
North American Library Users' Group), President-Elect of OLITA (Ontario
Llibrary Information Technology Association), and is definitely someone
to keep an eye on as libraries move more deeply into the Web 2.0 world!

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