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Public Event

Issues of Gender in Leadership

 Date: February 13, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Place: Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building, Room 1020


There are few certainties about the relationship between gender and
leadership. Do men and women lead differently and is one more effective than
the other? Does gender matter to the practice of leadership? Are there
constraints imposed by gender? Can leadership be measured in a
gender-neutral fashion? Are there gender-bound preconceptions of what a
leader is and does? What are the implications for practitioners?  These
questions are complex and the answers may vary depending on the perspective
from which they are considered.  


The School of Business Administration and the School of Information
Management are pleased to present a seminar that offers an opportunity to
explore these questions from three different perspectives.


The seminar will include brief presentations from each of three panelists
with significant time reserved for questions and answers from the audience.

The panel members include: 


Catherine Loughlin, PhD, is holder of the Canada Research Chair in
Management at Saint Mary's University. Her research focuses on the
development of new workplace models of leadership that represent all members
of the workforce, with particular emphasis on women and other special


David Wicks, PhD, is Dean, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's
University.  His research focuses on gender/race/class and organizational
behaviour from an interpretive perspective. 


Elizabeth Currie, BA, CMRP, has extensive leadership experience and
currently holds senior management positions in two companies of the CCL
Group, a Halifax-based strategic marketing and communications firm.  She is
Chief Operating Officer at Corporatel and Vice President of Field Research
at Corporate Research Associates.