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Monday, Feb. 26th, 3-4:30pm ET (12-1:30pm, PT)
Roving Reference: The Continuing Saga
with  Joan Giannone  - 1.5 hours AUDIO CONFERENCE

Back by popular demand, this session is a sequel to the popular audio
session featured in October, 2006, this time focusing on what Library
staff want and need to know in order to Rove more comfortably and

Did you know that over 50% of your library users may never approach the
desk to ask for the help they need? These "hidden customers" will only
be served when you get out from behind the desk to provide Roving

In this presentation and interactive panel discussion, Joan Giannone
and representatives from several Library Systems will reveal the most
common challenges they struggled with to implement roving. More
importantly, they will share the best tips, practical approaches, tools
and solutions they have used to overcome their challenges and better
serve customers wherever they need assistance within their Library.

Don't struggle to create the roving wheel! Instead, become comfortable
and effective more quickly, avoiding some potholes in the road with the
practical tips, effective approaches, experience and guidance provided
in this valuable session.

Tuesday, Feb. 27th, 3-4pm ET (12-1pm, PT)
Mother Goose on the Loose
with  Betsy Diamant-Cohen   - 1 hour AUDIO CONFERENCE

Learn about the award-winning early literacy program, Mother Goose on
the Loose. After a brief review of theories of learning based on
findings in brain research, hear about the structure of Mother Goose on
the Loose and how it combines language, books, illustration, music,
movement, drama, and creative interaction to create an optimal learning
environment. Experience program songs and rhymes created by Canadian
music educator, Barbara Cass-Beggs. Connect the program components with
best practices for developing school readiness skills. Learn how to
incorporate all this into your own early childhood programs.

Wednesday, Feb. 28th 3-4pm ET (12-1pm, PT)
The Knowledge System in Society -- A Framework and Strategies for
Librarians' New Role as a Knowledge Worker
with  Paul J. Graham  - 1 hour Audio Conference

The Knowledge System concept--most fully explained in sociological
scholarship--presents a novel way to understand the current processes of
a modern, rational, knowledge society: production, organization and use
of knowledge. One of the special consequences of this newly formed
society involves new divisions of labour, and new roles for the
Librarian. These are not new names for traditional jobs, but new tasks
and management streams for librarians to be active, invested
participants. The presentation will be divided into two main areas: 1)
describing the Knowledge System concept and its benefits and 2)
providing practical strategies and advice for research participation. As
this new role for librarians is not yet formalized in everyday practice,
I will conclude with emphasis on spreading this particular research
model to other libraries around Canada and the world. As a possible
focus, we can use the "communities of practice" model to foster this

Thursday, March 1st 4-5pm ET (1-2pm, PT)
 Novel Museum -- A hands-on link to literacy
with Patricia Elliott - 1 hour Audio Conference

Your students have completed a novel study or participated in
literature circles and you would like them to have a culminating task
that focuses on cooperative learning through a cross-curricular
approach. Consider having them create artifacts for a 'novel museum'.
You will learn about the components of the novel museum literacy event.
Direct links to the Oral Language strand, activity organization,
timetabling, tracking sheets, assessment, and book titles will be
provided. This student activity has cross-curricular connections to the
Arts, Science, Social Studies, History and Geography.

Thursday, March 1st 3-4pm ET (12-1pm, PT)
 Tips for Working Virtually: Working Together When You're Far Apart
with Rebecca Jones - 1 hour Audio Conference

Are you working with a group of people that are not physically located
near you? Do you work with others on a project or to coordinate programs
that you communicate primarily with via e-mail, phone or the Web? Are
"virtual teams" part of your organization's working style? Communication
is tough enough when people are face-to-face, so subtracting the "face
time" and adding long distance can result in a challenging equation.
Learn how to improve your distance communication style from an
experienced consultant.

Friday, March 2nd 1-2pm (10-11am, PT)
 The Secrets of Being a Good Mentor
with Caitlin Williams - 1 hour Audio Conference

More and more libraries and librarians recognize the benefits both of
formal and informal mentoring to individuals, institutions and our
profession. Perhaps your library has already started a mentoring
program, or perhaps you have had a successful career, and now feel you
would like to consider mentoring others by contributing the knowledge
and wisdom you have acquired throughout your career! Mentoring, or
coaching as it is called in some fields, is much more than simply
"telling" others! Join this session and explore the many facets of
effective mentorship.

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