Hello everyone. Welcome to February. I trust your winter is going well.
Just wanted to take a moment to update you on some information regarding
our upcoming conference with CLA in May. Your preliminary program and
registration forms are being mailed from Ottawa this week so you will be
receiving them shortly. I have also attached for your information a
listing and schedule of APLA sponsored events and a listing of the Local
Arrangements Committee. The conference is at the Delta Hotel in St.
John's with the Trade Show is at the Mile One Center. There are a number
of APLA members contributing to the conference as speakers, conveners or
members of the Local Arrangement Committee so that is a good presence to
have. The following information is worth noting:

1) The registration for the full conference rate for APLA members is
$460.00 before March 23.After that date it is $530.00

2) In the program, the Past President's Reception is noted " by
invitation only" . Obviously as APLA members you are all invited. I will
be developing a short list of non-members who will be invited from
outside the membership but " by invitation only" helps control numbers
and therefore costs of the event. If you know of non-members I should be
inviting, please let me know.

3) I simply kept the cost  of tickets for the Merit Award Banquet and
the Sunday Breakfast the same as last years ( Banquet $40.00, Breakfast

4) Our Keynote Speaker on Friday morning as well as the music for the
dance after the banquet are in the final stages of confirmation so I
will e-mail those details to you as soon as they are confirmed.

5) Finally, in the program you will be asked to go to the APLA website
where you will find a form ( it will be there soon) in which you can
register for APLA events and buy tickets for those events from our
website. That will allow us to better track registrants for our events
and allow you the payment options like PayPal you are accustomed to for
your APLA activities.

I think that is all I need to tell you at this point. As you receive
your Preliminary programs in the week ahead, if you have any questions
or concerns, please do not hesitate  to get in touch.

Looking forward to sharing the conference with you and have a great
learning  experience and of course a lot of fun at CLA/APLA/NLLA 2007.


Ivan W. Douthwright
Atlantic Provinces Library Association
University Librarian
George A. Rawlyk LIbrary
Atlantic Baptist University
Box 6004 
Moncton NB E1C 9L7
506-858-9694 ( FAX)

Atlantic Baptist University