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Monday, Jan. 22nd, 6-week On-line Course
Consumer Health and Medical Resources on the Web
with  Susan Murray

A 2004 Canadian Internet Project survey of 3,000 Canadians found that:
    * 59 minutes per week was spent reading or searching for medical information
    * 54.4% of respondents searched for health information
While the Internet is the preferred source for health-related questions, search engines don't necessarily provide the best links to quality health resources on the Web. This course reviews the top tools to help you quickly find consumer health and medical electronic resources on the Web. Provides an introduction to each topic area with annotated, extensive examples of the best sites.

Tuesday, Jan. 23rd, 3-4pm ET (12-1pm, PT)
The Rebirth of the Canadian Encyclopedia
with Claire Citeau  - 1 hour WEBCAST

The Canadian Encyclopedia is an inexhaustible information source of all things Canadian: comprehensive, reliable, ever-growing...and it's free! The session will introduce teachers and librarians to the full text of The Canadian Encyclopedia and the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada, The Youth Encyclopedia, a comprehensive Timeline of Canadian and World History, numerous feature articles, a selection of current articles from Maclean's magazine and a treasure chest of multimedia.

Wednesday, Jan. 24th, 3-4pm ET (12-1pm, PT)
 Strategic Planning for the Information/Learning Commons
with  Don Beagle   - 1 hour AUDIO CONFERENCE

The session will present a planning template and management tools to guide the development of a) an Information Commons from the starting point, or b) the enhancement of an Information Commons into the more collaborative and transformative model of a Learning Commons.

The template includes:

* Self-discovery through surveys, referral analysis, and focus groups;
* Scenario-building for incorporating divergent views of the future;
* Projection exercises for projecting Commons resources and services among those scenarios;
* Techniques for managing the campus conversation;
* Guidelines for project documentation

FRENCH SESSION - mercredi, 24 janvier 15h HNE (12h HNP)
Recherche: sites, trucs et astuces
 avec  Julie Rodrigue et Isabelle Moreau   -  Une heure Webcast

Entre l'opérateur de proximité d'Exalead et le Invisible Web Directory, vous découvrirez une foule de moyens pour optimiser le temps consacré à la recherche d'information!

Présentation de divers trucs de recherche vous permettant de maximiser vos capacités à trouver de l'information pertinente sur Internet. Partage d'astuces, augmentant votre niveau d'efficacité, et de sites intéressants, pour mieux parcourir le Web.

Thursday, Jan. 25th, 3-4pm ET (12-1pm, PT)
Research ethics: An overview of issues and policies
with  Lisa M. Given  - 1 hour AUDIO CONFERENCE

This session will explore the nature of research ethics and current ethics policies affecting projects in Canadian libraries. Implications for the design of studies using different methods (e.g., questionnaires; observation; interviews) will be discussed. Participants will have the opportunity to review examples of ethics review forms and discuss strategies for completing the ethics review process.

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