Hi everyone,

I believe many librarians and those in related information research and
teaching roles work at the cross-roads of capacity building within our
communities and professional workplaces.

Many of us may work within buildings, amongst stacks of books and resources,
online at the desktop, or out on the highways and byways addressing client
information needs. Assisting people of all ages with requests for
information that can inform their understanding and knowledge base is very
important work. It requires the best of all of us, especially in this
day-and-age of sound clips and the media soaked rain of trash and tragedy.

To this end, as we enter into our buildings, offices, and corridors of work
for another year, I would like to provide you this reflection from Michael
Gilbert at Nonprofit Online News for your consideration:

All the best for 2007!


Leo J. Deveau B.A., M.Ed., MLIS
9 Chestnut Avenue
Wolfville, Nova Scotia