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Brand YOU Successful! The Power of Personal Branding

The saying "I hear what I see" is true! A UCLA study proved that 85% of
all decisions are made with our eyes. Human beings think visually!

The 3 areas of personal presence we should all pay closer attention to,
are: the Visual - the Verbal - and the Vocal. And what is most
interesting is the visual component has the most impact.

Your personal brand affects how others view your intelligence, your
character, your competency, and whether or not you would be a good
person to listen to, learn from and value. Large successful companies
understand the power of branding (or imaging) and spend significant
amounts of their budgets to create the best "image" and "message" in the
marketplace. This session will begin to apply the principles of branding
to creating the best YOU -- someone with the power and influence to
achieve personal success and career goals!

Monday, Feb. 5th, 2007
3:00 PM ET 12:00 PM PT
1 hour - Audio Conference

Shannon is offering two separate but related sessions as follows:
Monday March 5th: Brand YOU successful: Start Your Action Plan Today!
Monday April 2nd: Brand YOU Successful: Personal Power for Business and
Social Success

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The Benefits

*  Present a more confident and credible persona
* Increase customer interaction and impact
* Understand the importance of being current
* Compliment your career professionalism with personal professionalism
* Learn what constitutes a credible and appropriate wardrobe and where
to acquire it on a budget

Who Should Participate?

*  Career-oriented information professionals
* Operational staff who want to move into leadership positions
* Managers who want to make a difference in the community beyond the
library system

Key Topics You Will Explore

*  Perception vs reality
* Congruency
* 7 areas of personal branding
* 10 hot tips to creating a dynamic personal brand
* Appropriate Dress and Grooming

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Non-Member: $74.00 + GST

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About the presenter.....
Shannon Smith is Canada's leading image strategist, and President of
Premiere Image International, located in Toronto, Ontario, with offices
in New York City as well. She is a writer, a workshop leader, and a TV
personality, having appeared on Canada AM, the Dini Petty Show, and
Venture. Since 1983, Shannon has been assisting individuals and
companies across North America to transform from unnoticed to
unforgettable! With training in medicine, emotional intelligence,
teaching, cosmetics, fashion retail, and modeling, Shannon's expertise
is informed, practical and highly motivating. She is the author of the
recently published Power Manners: how to use your personal skills for
business and social success, and can be reached at 416-324-8955 or by
e-mail at [log in to unmask]

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