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Join us at the Nova Scotia Provincial Library on November 23rd for an
audio conference on Community Development in a Library Context with
Annette DeFaveri.  Libraries need to be connected to their communities
if they are to survive and grow. Community Development means connecting,
consulting, and working collaboratively with community members to
understand the needs of the community and to inform the direction of
library work and policies. Community Development is an energizing and
vitalizing approach for librarians who want to build and strengthen
their community connections in order to build strong and relevant
libraries for the future. 

Recognize the key elements necessary for understanding Community
Development as it is applied in a library setting. Focus on practical
applications of Community Development for developing programs and
services, for reaching socially excluded communities, for turning
infrequent users into regular users, and for identifying those systemic
barriers that keep the library from being truly accessible to all. 

The Benefits 
Understanding of Community Development as a philosophical and practical
approach for building strong community partnerships and relationships. 
Practical suggestions for incorporating Community Development models
into the library's programs, policies, and approaches. 
New lenses through which to view, develop, assess and evaluate our work
as librarians. 

Key Topics
Timeliness for Community Development 
The way this differs from a traditional Outreach method 
How do we get to know community members and service providers 
Understanding what the community needs and wants from the library 
Systemic barriers and the role of community connections 
How programs and services differ 
How a development approach differs from traditional services, programs

The soft and not so soft skills needed for community development work 

Annette DeFaveri 
Annette DeFaveri is the National Coordinator of the Working Together
Project, a project that focuses on using Community Development theories
and applications to connect with socially excluded communities in order
to understand what they want and need from public libraries. She was the
first Community Development Librarian at the Vancouver Public Library
and was a Library Journal 'Mover and Shaker' for 2006. 

Developed for the Education Institute by the British Columbia Library

Time: Thursday, November 23rd, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Place: Conference Room, Nova Scotia Provincial Library, 3770 Kempt
Road, Halifax
This session is free; parking is available in front of the building.

Please respond to Carol Morris at [log in to unmask] or by phone at
424-2477 if you would like to attend this session.  

We respectfully request that you refrain from wearing any scented
products, including perfume, hair spray, cologne, deodorant, etc. and we
thank you for your cooperation.