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" Communicating on Purpose to Bridge the Gap  "
with  Joan Giannone

Are you spending more and more time in communicating, answering
questions and often re-communicating? A sizeable chunk of that time can
be absorbed by misunderstandings, lack of clarity, coping with political
maneuvering, missing the target by using the wrong channels, and
resolving special interest conflicts.

    * Perhaps you are frustrated with the way others seem to
misinterpret what you say - taking offense or finding issue with
something that should have been a positive, straightforward message.
    * Would you like to be able to speak up or provide constructive
criticism without hurting other people's feelings?
    * Are you tired of running into work "silos"? Is there an "us vs.
them" attitude that is getting in the way of everyone working smoothly
toward the same overall goals?
    * Do people complain that their ideas and suggestions are not
listened to, or do they say that changes are sprung on them, without
their input, and yet, when opinions are asked for in meetings, no one
speaks up?
    * Do you sometimes feel that all that good customer service
demeanor and etiquette often go out the window when Library Managers or
Staff talk with a colleague? Well, you are not alone.

The truth is, many of us have developed communication coping strategies
which do not serve us well and can lead to:

    * Misunderstandings and conflict
    * Poor morale
    * Mutual distrust
    * Long-term pockets of negativity
    * Lack of buy-in to projects, changes
    * A slow down of organizational development

Begins Monday, November 13th, 2006 (2nd call on Nov. 20th, 3rd call on
Nov. 27th)
3:00 PM ET 12:00 PM PT
1 hour - Audio Conference

REGISTER AT www.THEPARTNERSHIP.CA and scroll down to the 'Education

The Benefits

Address these and other challenges through effective approaches and
skills that help Library Managers and Staff learn to make conscious,
pro-active communication choices that obtain the best results.

Who Should Participate?

CEOs, Directors, Managers, Supervisors

Method of Instruction

Three 60-minute audio conferences, one week apart (a total of 3 hours
of instruction) with suggested activities or reading assignments between
the sessions. There is a Pre-course mini-quiz for participants to
evaluate their own behavioural / communication style(s). Follow-up

    * "Memory Jogger" wallet-sized skills-reminder cards (to be mailed
to all participants after the workshops)
    * A compelling, easy-to-use follow-up program, consisting of 3
weekly e-mail newsletters (One page each) and a mini practice
    * Confidential Q&A exchange.

Member: $162.00 + GST
Non-Member: $222.00 + GST

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About the presenter.....
Joan Giannone is a recognized leader with 20 years experience
successfully producing tangible, positive results through people-driven
solutions that improve communication, produce needed cultural change and
put customers first in Libraries and other organizations across Canada.
As President of Mentor Group Training Inc., Joan is dedicated to
supporting the progress and success of Libraries by creating effective
communicators, customer-focused employees and high-impact leaders.

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