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Subject: Education Institute: "Delivering Training at a Distance"
Webcast-Oct. 10th...REGISTER TODAY!


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Only a few days left to register for this NEW Webcast! 


Delivering Training at a Distance 
Cheryl Stenstrom, independent Library Consultant

Do you have a need to train your staff or students remotely in a
workshop setting? Stenstrom will describe techniques and give tips on
delivering short training modules at a distance. Find out how to choose
topics, how participants learn in a distance workshop environment, and
what technology might be suitable. 

1:00 PM ET 10:00 AM PT 
Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2006

The Benefits 

Participants will come away with an understanding of how technology
allows library staff in rural regions to receive training in appropriate
subject areas, whereas in the past training meant travelling to attend
workshops or receiving none at all. 

Who Should Participate? 

Anyone working in a library setting that serves more than one location
and interested in training. 

Key Topics You Will Explore 

* What kinds of topics can be covered in a remote workshop?
* Who might be suitable participants for remote training?
* What delivery styles and techniques work well in the online
* What kind of preparation will be needed to present your workshops?
* What software is available for short, live presentations and how easy
is it to configure?
* How much does it cost to deliver online workshops?


Member: $75.00 + GST 
Non-Member: $95.00 + GST 

What is a Webcast?
This is an expanded version of our popular audio conferences. You will
need a computer and the ability to get on the internet... and a
telephone. That is it. No special hardware; no special software. You
will be given an address on the Web at which you will sign in with a
password that will be given to you in your registration confirmation.
You will be able to see the presenter's desktop and see what he or she
is doing as you watch. Like all audio conferences, there is no limit on
the number of people that might be around the phone at each location.
The limitation will be in how many people can comfortably see the
computer. If you have a data projector, there is probably no limit. 

About The Presenter......

Cheryl Stenstrom is an independent Library Consultant based in
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Since receiving her MLIS in 1997, she's been the
Manager of Library Policy and Technology Systems at BC's Public Library
Services Branch, consultant to the Riverside International School
Library in Zug, Switzerland, a systems librarian at both a large urban
public library and a rural regional library, a talking book producer and
reference librarian. Her experience includes providing advice and
support to public libraries on technology issues, reference database
training, content management systems and services to persons with
disabilities. She has also played active roles in the Canadian
Association of Public Libraries, the Community Access Program (C@P), and
provincial working groups on services to persons with disabilities on
both coasts. 

What Participants Have Said 
"Her presentations are well done and informative." 

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