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"Institutional Repositories: New Roles, New Challenges"
with  Suzanne Bell

Institutional Repositories are the hot new project for libraries around
the world. They represent roles we are already adept at: collection and
preservation of materials and making them accessible to others. But IRs
also offer an expanded role,the collection now coming from our own
academic communities. We are, in essence, acting as publishers for their
work to the world. The problem is that part about "coming from our own
communities" - in many cases the material isn't coming. This session
will explore reasons why not, things to try, things to avoid. Even the
challenge of trying to collect content, however, presents an
opportunity: for working more closely with faculty on the thing they
truly care about - their research.

Friday, Oct. 13th, 2006
1:00 PM ET 10:00 AM PT
1 hour - Webcast/Audo Conference

REGISTER AT www.THEPARTNERSHIP.CA and scroll down to the 'Education

The Benefits

*  Results from our work practice study
* What to try, what to avoid in your IR
* Interesting uses, success stories you can use when "pitching" to
potential users

Who Should Participate?

Anyone contemplating establishing an Institutional Repository, or
currently involved in running or recruiting content for one.

Key Topics You Will Explore

*  Faculty - it really is "all about me"
* Ways to personalize, show quantifiable benefits (stats counter)
* Relax! don't burden your IR with bureaucracy
* Reach out to the next generation of faculty: grad students
* Elements you could include in your "pitch"
* Readings, organizations, mailing lists that care about IRs

Note: This session will NOT address costs.

Method of Instruction

Webcast - Audio with Web-based visuals and supported by handout.

Member: $75.00 + GST
Non-Member: $95.00 + GST

REGISTER AT  Scroll to Education Institute and
click on this course!

What is a Webcast?
This is an expanded version of our popular audio conferences. You will
need a computer and the ability to get on the internet... and a
telephone. That is it. No special hardware; no special software. You
will be given an address on the Web at which you will sign in with a
password that will be given to you in your registration confirmation.
You will be able to see the presenter's desktop and see what he or she
is doing as you watch. Like all audio conferences, there is no limit on
the number of people that might be around the phone at each location.
The limitation will be in how many people can comfortably see the
computer. If you have a data projector, there is probably no limit.

About the presenter.....
Suzanne Bell is Economics/Data Librarian, and UR Research Projects
Coordinator at the University of Rochester. Suzanne Bell's career in
libraries has included stints as Computer Science librarian at the
Rochester Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University, and
Internet Education Specialist and Webmaster at the Miner (medical)
library of the University of Rochester. For the past seven years she has
been the librarian for Economics and Data at the University of
Rochester's main library, and for the past three years has spearheaded
collection development for the University's Institutional Repository, UR
Research. No matter how much she runs, these technological, but also
very people-oriented, projects seem to find her. A surprising outcome
for a BA in Art History! Ms. Bell is also an adjunct instructor for the
University of Buffalo's Library School, and her textbook on database
searching is due out in August, 2006.

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