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"Survey Says......?"
with  Derrick Larsen

In an era of evidence-based decision making in health care, surveys are
becoming increasingly popular. What do the results from surveys say? The
purpose of this educational session is to provide a basic understanding
of the logic behind surveys.

Friday, Oct. 20th, 2006
1:00 PM ET 10:00 AM PT
1 hour - Webcast/Audo Conference

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The Benefits

The key goals of this educational session are to improve your ability
to critically evaluate and interpret survey results, as well as, provide
you with the fundamental tools to enable you to decide if a proper
sample size and sampling method was used.

Who Should Participate?

All librarians will benefit from this workshop.

Key Topics You Will Explore

*  The difference between a parameter and a statistic
* What confidence intervals, confidence levels, and inferential
statistics are
* How to critically interpret survey results
* How to calculate sample size for a simple survey
* Different sampling techniques (probability and nonprobability)

Method of Instruction

Webcast, accompanying PowerPoint, and PowerPoint handouts.

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Non-Member: $95.00 + GST

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What is a Webcast?
This is an expanded version of our popular audio conferences. You will
need a computer and the ability to get on the internet... and a
telephone. That is it. No special hardware; no special software. You
will be given an address on the Web at which you will sign in with a
password that will be given to you in your registration confirmation.
You will be able to see the presenter's desktop and see what he or she
is doing as you watch. Like all audio conferences, there is no limit on
the number of people that might be around the phone at each location.
The limitation will be in how many people can comfortably see the
computer. If you have a data projector, there is probably no limit.

About the presenter.....
Derrick K. Larsen, Ph.D. is the Executive Director of Research and
Performance Support at the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region. He completed
his doctorate in Psychology (Experimental Psychopathology) at the
University of Manitoba in 2000. Dr. Larsen has worked in a variety of
research settings over the past eight years including the Addictions
Foundation of Manitoba, Mood and Anxiety Disorders Research Group
(University of Manitoba), Centre for Clinical Cognitive Research (Regina
Qu'Appelle Health Region), Clinical Research and Development Program
(Regina Health District), and the Anxiety Disorders Research Program
(Department of Psychiatry, St. Boniface General Hospital, Winnipeg). Dr.
Larsen has held academic positions in the Departments of Psychology
(University of Winnipeg and University of Regina) and Kinesiology and
Health Studies (University of Regina). Currently he is an Adjunct
Professor Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Regina.
Primary research interests include chronic pain, mood disorders
(depression), anxiety disorders (posttraumatic stress disorder, social
phobia and panic disorder), Alzheimer's Disease, sleep pathology and
addiction (specifically gambling).

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