The Library and Information Technology Mentoring Program is actively seeking
Library Technicians to become part of our program.  The Program involves
pairing students with Library Technicians in the workforce. The goal of the
program is to provide students with a chance to investigate different types of
library environments.

Through the application process, students are paired with professionals who
share similar library and leisure interests. Every effort is made to ensure
students have a varied choice of libraries. The program follows the academic
year, running from October to April. The pairing will last one academic year,
with the option to renew.

The mentoring program will begin with a reception at the NSLA Annual Conference
in Halifax.  This will allow students and mentors to meet in a friendly
environment. The students and their mentors are then on their own to decide on
activities and level of commitment. NSLA will sponsor events throughout the
academic year in various regions, depending on the demand. At the end of the
academic year, NSLA will host a social event to celebrate the end of the

For more information or to complete an application form, please visit the
following link:

Thank you,

Erica Smith
NSLA Library and Information Technology Mentoring Program

Erica Smith
Library Support Specialist

Five Bridges Junior High
66 Hubley Road
Hubley, NS  B3z 1B9