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"Web Tools for Learning: The Read/Write Web in the School Library
with Anita Brooks Kirkland

Do your eyes glaze over when you hear people talking about wikis,
blogging, podcasting, RSS and similar strange terms that haven't even
made it to spellcheckers yet? These terms, while unfamiliar to many of
us, are often everyday language to many of the students in our schools.

This is an overview session for educators who have not had time to
explore some of these new Internet technologies and tools that have the
potential to profoundly change the learning landscape as we know it

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2006
4:00 PM ET 1:00 PM PT
1 hour - Webcast/Audo Conference

REGISTER AT www.THEPARTNERSHIP.CA and scroll down to the 'Education

The Benefits

*  Understand the new terms
* See and hear the tools demonstrated
* Find out where to learn more about them and experiment with them
* Spark ideas for using some of the new tools to build more
collaborative online communities for student learning
* Understand the urgent need to create new approaches for teaching
information literacy in the world of user-created content

Who Should Participate?

*  Teacher-librarians
* Technology Contact Teachers
* Classroom Teachers
* School Administrators

Key Topics You Will Explore

*  What is the Read/Write Web and why does it matter?
* Blogs, wikis, podcasts and RSS: what are they, and how can we use
* Implications for teaching information literacy
* Opportunities for enhancing instruction
* Challenges for implementation

Method of Instruction

Webcast - Audio with Web-based visuals and supported by handout.

Member: $75.00 + GST
Non-Member: $95.00 + GST

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What is a Webcast?
This is an expanded version of our popular audio conferences. You will
need a computer and the ability to get on the internet... and a
telephone. That is it. No special hardware; no special software. You
will be given an address on the Web at which you will sign in with a
password that will be given to you in your registration confirmation.
You will be able to see the presenter's desktop and see what he or she
is doing as you watch. Like all audio conferences, there is no limit on
the number of people that might be around the phone at each location.
The limitation will be in how many people can comfortably see the
computer. If you have a data projector, there is probably no limit.

About the presenter.....
Anita Brooks Kirkland is the Library Consultant for the Waterloo Region
District School Board, responsible for school library programs in 115
elementary and secondary schools. She leads many workshops for teachers
on integrating ICT into the curriculum. Anita is the Past President of
the Ontario School Library Association.

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