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"Why the Masses Love Metadata: Folksonomies, Tagging and the Amateur
Expert" with Geoffrey Harder


Look at the prevalence and popularity of tagging as it relates to the
Web 2.0 experience. No longer just the domain of cataloguers, the
practice of assigning labels and subject headings to items such as books
and pictures has now become common place among many Web goers. With no
controlled vocabulary and no AACR2 to fall back on, the masses are
blazing their own trails and pathways through the world of resource
sharing and sidestepping experts and architects who have attempted to
impose structure on them. But what does this result in? "Cookery,
Italian" being replaced by headings such as "spaghetti," "italian
recipe," and perhaps even (gasp!)... "sundaydinner." Anarchy or
organization? You judge.

Explore the nature of folksonomies, how they work, where they work, and
where they come up short. Examine why tagging has generated such a large
following and why allowing users to bring context and meaning to their
labels may not be such a bad thing after all. Can tagging coexist
alongside tried and true cataloguing practices? Tune in and take part in
a discussion of folksonomy meets librarian - a metadata love affair that
may just have a happy ending after all.

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
1:00 PM ET 10:00 AM PT
1 hour - Webcast/Audo Conference

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The Benefits

*  why tagging matters
* why tagging has traction
* where you can take part
* where you and your library can begin to start using it... today!

Who Should Participate?

The session will appeal and be of use to those who have an interest in
emerging technologies and the Web.

Key Topics You Will Explore

*  What is tagging? What are folksonomies? How are they related?
* Who is using tagging? Why? What are the pros and cons?
* Why should libraries care? What can we do to get involved?

Method of Instruction

Webcast - Audio with Web-based visuals and supported by handout.

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Non-Member: $95.00 + GST

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What is a Webcast?
This is an expanded version of our popular audio conferences. You will
need a computer and the ability to get on the internet... and a
telephone. That is it. No special hardware; no special software. You
will be given an address on the Web at which you will sign in with a
password that will be given to you in your registration confirmation.
You will be able to see the presenter's desktop and see what he or she
is doing as you watch. Like all audio conferences, there is no limit on
the number of people that might be around the phone at each location.
The limitation will be in how many people can comfortably see the
computer. If you have a data projector, there is probably no limit.

About the presenter.....
Geoffrey Harder is Reference Services Coordinator for the Science &
Technology Library as well as Manager of the Knowledge Common (the
library's information commons) at University of Alberta Libraries. Geoff
is author of The Blog Driver's Waltz ( and is a
frequent presenter and writer on social software and emerging tech
topics as they relate to library services and collections.

What Participants Have Said

"Geoffrey was knowledgeable and well-organized...Excellent
"It was very obvious that Geoffrey was very knowledgable, able and had
put a lot of preparation into the presentation."

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