Canada Post has extended the Library Book Rate through to January 2008 
with no rate increase.

The Rate, which had been set to expire January 15, 2007, provides 
eligible libraries with special rates for inter-library loans or to loan 
to the public.

Canada Post has also extended the deadline for mandatory use of an 
electronic shipping tool from September 30, 2006 to January 15, 2007.

More details are available in a media release and a backgrounder for 
libraries from the Canadian Library Association (CLA) and Association 
pour la science et les techniques de la documentation (ASTED). These are 
available on the CLA website

There have been no changes to the eligibility requirements. Only books 
can be shipped via the Book Rate -- no audio-visual or other non-book 
materials. Not all libraries are eligible for the special rate. CLA is 
managing the application process for Canada Post: libraries should get 
an application form from the CLA website