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Hi folks. Please forgive the lateness of this e-mail but with the
illness and eventual death of my father on July 24th,  my duties as
President have, out of necessity, taken a back burner till now. I did
want to take this opportunity to inform you about a number of things I
have been working on from the center of my personal tornado.

In June I attended the National Summit for Literacy and Learning and
the Canadian Library Association conference in Ottawa. The Summit
brought together some 150 people including librarians, literacy workers
and adult learners to continue to revise a national strategy for
literacy issues. The first summit was ten years ago and this was to
further revise and track the progress of the initiatives struck then.
This was very informative and very necessary for librarians and literacy
workers to cooperate on. I also met with Don Butcher establishing more
details for the 2007 conference which I will go into  a bit latter in
this e-mail.

Also In July Donna Bourne-Tyson and I met in Halifax to discuss the
association and where we thought we should be focusing some of our
energies as President for the next couple of years. This discussion was
very useful and I would highly recommend this type of discussion and
cooperation between the President and Vice-President. Donna and I are on
the same page on all things we discussed so that should serve helpful in
maintaining continuity between this year and next .

Just last week Donna and I attended the annual August retreat of the
Partnership totally sponsored by the Ontario Library Association. In
another e-mail in the not too distant future, I want to update you all
on what the Partnership is doing and how it benefits us. It is a very
positive and exciting group and the retreat is a very positive
experience. More details soon.

Finally , and to the point of this e-mail, I want to update you on the
APLA/CLA/NLLA conference next year. We are just in the process of
forming the Local Arrangements Committee in NL. I have received  some
recommended names to contact from our VP Newfoundland Pat Parsons and
some names from CLA but if any Newfoundland librarians are interested in
volunteering, please do so by e-mailing me ASAP.

Also, we are interested in getting some Atlantic Canada Content into
the conference by having some librarians from our association present
sessions. The call for proposals goes like this:

A Collaboration of the Canadian Library Association, the Atlantic
Provinces Library Association and The Newfoundland and Labrador
May 23- 26, 2007, St. John's, NF

Theme: Retain-Recruit-Restructure: Regenerating the Library Community

CALL FOR PROGRAMS SUBMISSION Deadline is Monday, August 28, 2006
You have an interest in submitting a program proposal? If so, please
send us your proposal by Monday, August 28, 2006.
All of the information, guidelines and forms required to submit your
proposal are available at
Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact:
Sylvie Deliencourt
Manager, Conferences and Membership
Canadian Library Association
328 Frank Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 0X8
(613) 232-9625, ext. 302
Fax: (613) 563-9895
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Today was the original deadline. Obviously that will have to be
extended. We have another conference call tomorrow morning at 9 so after
that call I will update you further. Please give serious consideration
to any session you would like to present within that theme  and send off
a proposal to Sylvie ASAP. If you can think of others I should contact
regarding them presenting a session, please forward those suggestions to
me ASAP and I will contact them. I will continue to update via e-mails
as information becomes settled and available.

Now that I am refocused on my work , you will be receiving more
information from me regarding the various things I am working on as
President and we are working on as the executive and within the
Partnership. Thanks for your patience with me this summer and we will be
in touch again very soon. As always, should you have any concerns or
questions about what we are doing, do not hesitate to contact me.


Ivan W. Douthwright
Atlantic Provinces Library Association
University Librarian
George A. Rawlyk LIbrary
Atlantic Baptist University
Box 6004
Moncton NB E1C 9L7
506-858-9694 ( FAX)

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