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Subject: Information Literacy video - now available for purchase or loan


Over the past year, the Augustana Faculty Library (Camrose, Alberta, Canada)
of the University of Alberta has been working on a DVD project outlining its
Information Literacy initiatives.  This 30 minute video provides insight
into the value of Information Literacy by interviewing students, faculty,
librarians, and administration. Narrated by an Augustana student, the DVD
promotes Information Literacy in the context of higher education and
explains various components of Augustana's Information Literacy program,
including 21 for-credit discipline-specific courses, assessment practices,
an annual Information Literacy Workshop (
<>  ), and Information Literacy
Awards for students and faculty.
A limited number of DVD's are now available for purchase.   To download the
DVD order form or view the DVD's trailer, please go to  The DVD is also
available by Inter-Library Loan (there is currently an estimated wait time
of two to three months).
Nancy Goebel
Head Librarian/Human Rights Advisor
Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta

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