Hi everyone,

Re. below, in light of the current Federal Government's proposed changes to
Access to Information, this initiative is all the more critical. Please
consider it in your various information sources.

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>         Public Launch - *CivicAccess*
>         April 26, 2006
>         (Le texte français suit l'anglais)
>         We would like to announce the launch of a new online space for
>         Canadian civic engagement - *Citizens for Open Access to Civic
>         Information and Data* (aka: **). *CivicAccess*
>         is being founded by librarians, civil servants, academics,
>         lawyers, free- and open-source advocates, geomatics
>         professionals and community planners from across Canada. We
>         are motivated by the belief that open civic information and
>         data are necessary for being engaged citizens in an
>         "information society".
>         Our goals are:
>           1.
>               To encourage all levels of governments (county,
>               municipal, provincial, federal) to make civic data and
>               information available to citizens without restrictions,
>               at no cost, and in useable open formats.
>           2.
>               To encourage the development of citizen projects using
>               civic data and information
>         Access to civic information and data help us make informed
>         choices as voters. In addition it helps to ensure government
>         transparency and accountability - essential elements of a
>         democracy. These are the bits and bytes required to
>         understand, critically analyze, and re-envision the
>         communities in which we live.
>         As engaged citizens in our neighborhoods, cities, and
>         provinces we are working to develop a community of practice on
>         open civic data in Canada.
>         This is an idea whose time has come. Please join us in making
>         it a reality!
>         *Founders:* Darin Barney, Marcus Bornfreund, Stéphane Couture,
>         Patrick Dinnen, Daniel Faivre, Michael Geist, Stephane
>         Guidoin, Michael Gurstein, Daniel Haran, Ted Hildebrandt,
>         Alton Hollett, Cory Horner, Tracey Lauriault, Nathalie
>         Leclerc, Michael Lenczner, Graham Longford, Hugh McGuire,
>         Russell McOrmond, Robin Millette, Joe Murray, Michael Pilling,
>         Joel Rivard, Gabe Sawhney, Phillip Smith and Marc Tuters.
>         *To find out more:*
>         Discussion List -
>         Website -
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