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Literature Circles Beyond the Novel 
Beth McEwen, Teacher-librarian at King George Public School in Guelph 

Have you used literature circles and are interested in using the format
with more diverse genres? Do you want to empower your students with the
tools to understand, interpret and enjoy non-fiction? This is a workshop
for you! Consider the multitude of skills that come into play in reading
non-fiction. Literature circles are an ideal strategy to deepen
understanding of both fiction and non-fiction. What is a literature
circle and what is a literature circle not? Traditional literature
circles can be easily be adapted so that students analyze and interpret
a broad range of materials beyond the novel, (e.g., non-fiction
resources - magazines, newspapers, books; and beyond the novel - poetry,
popular music, scripts). My middle school experiences have demonstrated
that this is a unique and wonderful way to hook them all, including
reluctant, boy, and dormant readers. This is especially effective for
teens. Literature circles provide opportunities for open and safe
exchange of ideas. Literature Circles allow teens to talk, discuss, and
argue, things that teens love to do, but directed in ways that deepen
understanding. This session will share the process, show the evidence,
and provide support materials. 

3 PM ET / Noon PT 
Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

The Benefits 

* Learn the distinctive features of literature circles and how they can
be adapted for any genre
* Analyze the characteristics and qualities of non-fiction
* Develop techniques for providing students with voice and choice in
their reading
* Receive field-tested, practical teaching materials ready for use
including selected song lyrics, poetry, and magazine articles
* Learn how to adapt instruction and materials to students' level,
* How to select materials that engage teens
* Receive valuable assessment and evaluation tools 

Key Topics You Will Explore 

* Definition, scope of literature circles, what they are and what they
* The process: how to run effective literature circles
* The evidence: relating literature circles to student success
* Using literature circles to teach non-fiction
* Choosing resources that engage teen readers
* Strategies to assure successful literature circle discussions
* Strategies to teach your staff about implementing literature circles 


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About The Presenter......

Beth McEwen is teacher-librarian at King George Public School in Guelph.
She has a wealth of knowledge teaching middle school students and has
been using literature circles to "hook" all readers (i.e. boys,
reluctant, dormant, avid). 

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