COUTTS  LIBRARY SERVICES and THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO announce the largest e-book initiative in North America


The University of Toronto and Coutts have announced today a major co-operative effort in bringing e-book content to the University, which will enhance remote access for students and staff from all campuses.


Coutts and The University of Toronto Libraries are delighted to announce an agreement to deliver over 11,300 electronic Taylor & Francis titles via the MyiLibrary platform.  Beyond that, both parties have agreed to work together to enhance the collection with content from leading scholarly publishers and to integrate e-books into the standard collection-management process.


The University has recognized the need to make content in all formats available to their students and has selected the MyiLibrary platform as the foundation for delivering e-books. Integration of all content has been the objective of the University for sometime and combining access to e-books along with the locally-loaded journals allows the user to search all digital content through one interface. Many users do not know or care whether the information they want is found in a journal article, in an abstract and indexing database, in a section of a reference work or a chapter in a book. What they do know is that they want to find that information whenever they need it - 24 by 7, 365 days a year. To that end, University of Toronto Libraries has chosen MyiLibrary to deliver e-book content. The e-books will be integrated with over 70 abstract and index databases and over 7,300 journals to provide as comprehensive a search as possible for the users at the University.


Carole Moore, Chief Librarian at the University of Toronto Libraries, believes that it is essential the University Libraries to be able to offer their users access to all content through one portal. “Bringing academic resources together through one convenient interface is an objective we have been pursuing for some time, and we are delighted to work with Coutts to advance this goal.”


The MyiLibrary platform consists of a huge and diverse database of current content that provides a unique way to access collections of books: reports, journals, bulletins and other documents published by both Intergovernmental Organizations and major STM publishers. In total, some 40,000 current e-books are available and this is expected to increase to over 80,000 titles over the coming months. This extensive collection of content has been integrated by Coutts into their selection-management system, OASIS, allowing University of Toronto the option to manage the acquisition of print and electronic collections through one interface, further enhancing the ability of the Librarians to create the most comprehensive offering of all types of information to their users.


James Gray, the CEO of Coutts Information Services, commented, “we are very excited about the opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading academic libraries and our many publishing partners to create an unparalleled collection for the University”.

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Lori Vaughan, Marketing Coordinator, Coutts Library Services

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