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Re. below, is something to celebrate. Although this is US based, Canadian
librarians shouldnąt assume it canąt happen here.

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Subject: [CPI-UA] Librarians Win as U.S. Relents on Secrecy Law By ANAHAD

JURIST link to gag order against librarians in  Patriot Act case (may be
updated  today)
Library Connections, Inc., George Christian vs. USA Patriot  Act
<>  November 7,  2005

New York Times April 13, 2006
After fighting ferociously for months, federal prosecutors relented
yesterday and agreed to allow a Connecticut library group to identify itself
as the recipient of a secret F.B.I.
_bureau_of_investigation/index.html?inline=nyt-org>  demand for records in a
counterterrorism investigation.

The decision ended a dispute over whether the broad provisions for secrecy
in the USA Patriot Act, the antiterror law, trumped the free speech rights
of library officials. The librarians had gone to federal court to gain
permission to identify themselves as the recipients of the secret subpoena,
known as a national security letter, ordering them to turn over patron
records and e-mail messages.
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