I'm re-cataloguing my literature section, as it was still listed in the obsolete
number 819. I purchased a copy of the new Dewey (abridged 14), and I was
wondering is someone might be able to clear up my confusion with some of the
subdivisions. Mainly, it is a problem with zeros.

Collections : one of the example notes in the opening paragraph of table 3 says
to place poetry collections with the subdivision .008  yet when I read the
individual summary, it says to put collections in .08 . I have downloaded
records from National Library of Canada, and they put collections in .8 - so
how do I know how many zeroes to use?

Also, when I look up short stories in the index, it tells me to use 808.83,
which I suppose to mean a collection (.8) and fiction (3). So how do I know
which subdivision number to use for collections - would I use .83 for fiction,
and .81 for poetry. Or .08 or .008? And can I use this .83 with the number 813
for North American fiction - 813.83? To confuse myself further, I have
downloaded records from NLC which use 813.5 for collection of short stories.

I feel like I'm working in circles. Can someone please clarify this for me?

Sue Meltz

Susan E. Meltz
Library Technician
Central Kings Rural High School
6125 Hwy 1
Cambridge Stations, NS
B0P 1G0