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The last College of DuPage satellite teleconference for 2005/2006 will
be hosted at the Nova Scotia Provincial Library on April 28th. This will
be a roundtable discussion with experienced library managers on the
topic of "Google Book Search: Its Impact on Scholarship and
Libraries". This program will explicate Google's vision of the
future. The panel will discuss how a successful project will impact the
world of information from the perspectives of librarians, academic
administrators, scholars and publishers. This project has stirred up a
bundle of issues, some of them contentious.  The goal is to highlight
the key issues in a constructive manner and produce a program that is
consistent with the academic tradition of a "spirit of inquiry" and
not a polemic.

- Paul Courant, Professor of Economics, Professor of Public Policy, and
Faculty Associate in the Institute for Social Research at the University
of Michigan.  Currently he is studying the economics of universities,
the economics of libraries and archives, and the changes in the system
of scholarly communication that derive from new information

- Michael Jensen, is Director of Publishing Technologies at the
National Academies Press which makes over 3500 books from the National
Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, Institute of Medicine,
and National Academy of Engineering fully searchable and free to read
online.  He is also currently a technical partner of the History
Cooperative, which makes the works of the most prestigious journals in
history available online to subscribing institutions.

- Jonathan Band represents library associations and technology
companies on intellectual property and Internet policy matters. He wrote
a book, Interfaces on Trial, on software copyright issues, and has
published over 60 articles on intellectual property and Internet

- Suzanne Thorin is University Librarian and Dean of the Library at
Syracuse University.  Prior to that she worked at the Library of
Congress where she was responsible for the Library's National Digital
Library Program. Her research includes documenting the history of
digital library development in the United States and how the differences
in ways that scholars work are influencing their use of technology.

Following the broadcast portion of the program there will be a
presentation by members of the Nova Scotia Archives and Records
Management's Online Resources Team who are responsible for providing
Nova Scotians with access to their documentary heritage through
NSARM's Website.  This site has thirty virtual exhibits, seventeen
searchable databases, five resource guides and more than 10,000
historical photographs, documents, maps, print materials, sound
recordings and film clips. The Online Resources Team was awarded the
2006 Premier's Award of Excellence. This award, inaugurated in January
2006, recognizes outstanding contributions or achievements, and is the
highest honour of the Nova Scotia Civil Service.

Date: Friday, April 28th, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Place: Nova Scotia Provincial Library (Classroom), 3770 Kempt Road,
Registration is free.
Parking is available in front of the building.
To register contact Carol Morris at 424-2477 or by e-mail at
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We respectfully request that you refrain from wearing any scented
products, including perfume, hair spray, cologne, deodorant, etc. and we
thank you for your cooperation.