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Re. below, I thought this might be of interest to some APLA members, especially those seeking either better leadership, or a more inspiring workplace – they are usually related.

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Subject: Announcement - upcoming CSTD NS event- April 19

CSTD-Nova Scotia announces its next learning event...

Leadership Discussions

April 19, 2006
9:00 a.m. - Continental Breakfast and Networking
9:30 - 11:00 a.m. - Presentations and Discussion
Old Ashburn Golf Course, 3250 Joseph Howe Drive, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Session 1:
Beyond Tradition: Expanding our Concept of Leadership
Elizabeth Perry

Session 2:
Leading the Inspired Workplace
Peter Davison


1. Beyond Tradition: Expanding our Concept of Leadership
Elizabeth Perry, of Leadership By Example Consulting, will introduce and expand on non-traditional concepts of leadership, where we see those being implemented in our world, how we can contribute to the new styles ourselves and the benefits of defining leadership differently.

With conditions in our world continuously deteriorating we must find new ways to coordinate our efforts for our greater good. Come join us in exploring the possibilities. Exploration includes rethinking authority, autonomy, and respect for greater individual empowerment.

About Our Presenter: Elizabeth Perry, ECE, BA, CAE, has 20 years’ experience in business and 10 years’ experience in education - all the while primarily fostering personal development and expanded understanding of common concepts for increased social stability.

Elizabeth is working towards her Masters in Psychology through self-directed study and, as a result of independent research, is increasingly developing expertise in recovery from psychological trauma, cult phenomenon, and the influences at play that make people susceptible to such experiences. Elizabeth is an incorrigible optimist, believing whole-heartedly in the positive potential of mankind, and diligently experiments with and promotes innovative interactions to increase our capabilities to communicate honestly, compassionately and collaboratively with each other and our planet. She is a writer, speaker, educator and activist on the necessity of facilitating social change as individual leaders, one person, one choice at a time.

2. Leading the Inspired Workplace
The life force of corporate performance is personal performance. Yet research reveals that 1/3 of people hate their work, 1/3 dislike/like their work depending on the day, and only 1/3 state that they consistently love how they exchange their time for money. How do symptoms of people who don't want to be there like absenteeism and presenteeism (at desk but unproductive) impact loyalty and productivity? This interactive seminar helps you find yourself, and help others discover deeper meaning and greater happiness in daily labours beyond payday and TGIF.

You will explore the 4 key principles that build happy and inspired workplaces where people eagerly self-manage and actively seek ways to move from perspiration to inspiration. You will learn practical ideas to motivate yourself and colleagues from within by using the "Inspired Workplace Checklist." You will take away a reaffirmed passion for your career and a personal definition of success so you can do what you love to do - create, grow and serve. Attitude is contagious. This program is one way to make yours worth catching. Participant's activity booklet included.

*The Perfect Audience*: This program is ideal for human resource professionals, trainers, middle management, leadership teams and other professionals who navigate change and are actively committed to improving the culture of human potential.

About our Presenter:  Peter Davison is an international speaker and author who offers a refreshing approach to awakening new levels of understanding on human dynamics, personal mastery and inspired life at work. Innerwealth programs are about how you can become a part of a growing movement across the earth to transform our corporations, communities, families and personal lives into more balanced, respectful and conscious environments.

Peter began his career sharing what he loves with children and youth as a public school teacher for 9 years. Notable in his career as speaker and facilitator is his 5 years as the Staff Training Officer with the Nova Scotia Family Violence Prevention Initiative. He is founding member of Men For Change formed after the Montreal Massacre in 1989 to promote non-violence and healthy masculinity. Peter is an internationally recognized educator in the field of healthy relationships and life/work balance and his entertaining, empowering keynotes and workshops renew and inspire audiences across Canada and internationally in the United States, Israel, Northern Ireland and Scotland. His work promoting healthy relationships has been quoted in Oprah Magazine and he confesses a weakness for chocolate. For more info please visit
www.peterdavison.ca <http://www.peterdavison.ca> .

Participant Testimonials: "Peter was an excellent facilitator. He included direct experience and first hand knowledge into his presentation and he was obviously inspired, informed and believes in what he is doing - his inspiration is contagious."

"The Love Your Work workshop was a tremendous benefit to me both personally and professionally. Each session was engrossing and Peter led us to our personal discoveries with a gentle and focused approach. Much of what we learned was new to me but resonated deep within me as a truth basic to my inner self."

"Perceptions more than actual acts affect my daily living and behaviour. My goal is to appreciate others more and to know that no one is to blame - my perceptions must be adjusted. Balance! Though we cannot change the wind we can adjust our sails."

Client Gratitude: "The theme of your presentation "Love Your Work" was certainly a big draw, as it was one of our biggest meetings in the history of the Chapter. From the many comments heard following the session, your presentation was excellent. Your style captured everyone's interest throughout and the activities were quite varied, from the paper-pencil questionnaire, to the washer and string 'experience', to singing a thought provoking song. Thank you for making the HRANB breakfast meeting very valuable for our membership." - Rachelle Gagnon, Moncton Chapter President, Human Resources Association of New Brunswick

 CSTD Members may attend free of charge.  Non-members pay $35.00, taxes included.  You may register online at http://www.cstd.ca/events/novascotia.html <http://www.cstd.ca/events/novascotia.html> or send a cheque, made payable to CSTD Nova Scotia, to #100, 33 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2Y 3Z3.

Cancellation Policy:
If you become unable to attend, please provide three business days' notice in order to receive a refund of your registration fee.

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Tonya Fry
Marketing and Membership Administrator
CSTD Nova Scotia Chapter

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