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Strategic Budgeting
Barbar Robinson, principal of Robinson & Associates, a management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and organization redesign

No manager can live without a line-item budget in order to track the rates at which categories of costs are being spent and raw materials are being used. However, being able to relate those expenditures to the products and services you provide requires thinking conceptually about financial matters. Strategic budgeting enables management and staff to understand and "see" how resources are allocated and how they link to the results your funders are willing to subsidize.

This session introduces participants to the concept of strategic budgeting and demonstrates why it is an essential tool for both managing and defending scarce resources. It highlights the difference between a line-item budget and a program budget, and focuses on the importance of defining programs and then creating, at least conceptually, distinct cost, or profit centres for their operation.

3 PM Atlantic 11AM PT - 1.5 hours in length
Monday, April 3rd, 2006

The Benefits

Participants will come away with a vocabulary they can use to speak the language of financial managers and a realization that they have been running their libraries without a complete understanding of where their money is going, or even knowing the full cost of their operation. Even math phobes will find the concept of strategic budgeting critical to their success in managing and justifying their operation to their own management.

Participants will leave with an understanding of why a line-item budget is an accounting tool and a program budget is a management tool. They will learn that their line-item budgets do not capture the full cost of their operation and that they need to track down the missing numbers to get an accurate grand total.

Concepts drawn from economics and accounting, such as operating/capital costs, intermediate costs, imputed costs as well as inputs and outputs, are introduced to enable participants to speak about their operations in terms that will enhance their credibility and help them think more clearly about what they do.

Who Should Participate?

This course is aimed at anyone responsible for preparing or selling a budget for management within their library or information organization.

Key Topics You Will Explore

* Key concepts related to strategic budgeting and linking strategic objectives to the budget.
* Capturing the full cost of the operation.
* Steps required to create a strategic program budget.
* The importance of defining the programs/businesses the library is in and being able to relate the costs to each of those programs.

Method of Instruction

One 1.5 hour teleconference/Powerpoint session. (Article to be read before the session. It will be sent the day before the call.)


Member: $66.00 + GST
Non-Member: $86.00 + GST

About The Presenter......

Barbar Robinson is a management consultant with an MLS from the Simmons School of Library and Information Science. She is the principal of Robinson & Associates, a management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and organization redesign. She works with individuals and teams and offers a variety of services, including transition and succession planning, coaching, executive search, as well as meeting facilitation and dispute resolution. She is certified to administer the Birkman assessment, a tool designed to help individuals and teams gain insight on how to be more productive and enjoy what they do. Over the years, many of her clients have been special libraries in trade and professional associations, as well as in the public and private sector. She is a member of SLA, a member of the board of SLA Europe, and has trained many of her fellow members on strategic budgeting and reference triage, two workshops she has offered at annual SLA conferences over the years. Developed for the Education Institute by Jane Dysart, Dysart & Jones, Toronto.

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