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We are considering setting up an electronic-style notice/events board in our
library lobby. This would draw attention to the day's workshops and classes,
and would also promote upcoming library events. Our preference is for a screen
or board that can be programmed/loaded by computer. If it handled images, as
well as text, that would be a plus. If it included side-panels on which a few
posters or library floor plans could be displayed, that would be a benefit too.

We have already looked at the product offerings from Postime, a
company/distributor in Manitoba <>, and we would now like to
take a look at other products and options that may be available and that have
worked well.

We would be interested in hearing recommendations from other Atlantic libraries
(or further afield) that have had experience purchasing and using such
electronic boards. Which products have you tried? What are your success
stories, and what are the drawbacks/pitfalls that we may wish to avoid?

Thank you, in advance for sharing your ideas and suggestions.

Michelle Paon

Michelle Paon, BSc, MLIS
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