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For Immediate Release

December 5, 2005 

Love in the Library


Jimmy Buffet, the bard of rum and romance, knows the power to sway the
human heart of libraries and the words they contain. And, so does
Madeleine Lefebvre, the editor of a newly released book, The Romance of
Libraries (Scarecrow Press Inc., 2006). 

In the halls of knowledge, amidst the towering stacks of books, more
than just fact and fiction awaits.

No one knows this more than Madeleine Lefebvre.

You see, the University Librarian at Saint Mary's University in Halifax,
NS, is the editor of a newly released book, The Romance of Libraries
(Scarecrow Press Inc., 2006). 

This work, which is now available at bookstores, is a collection of true
accounts of emotional attachments formed in and with libraries and the
library field, and both young and old share their tales of love.

Lefebvre gathered most of the stories through her website, 

She had assumed that the stories would all be based in North America,
but thanks to the internet, "before long they were coming in from all
over the world," she says. 

"What I like about the stories is that each one is different, but they
all give a sense of the importance of books and libraries to our
emotional well-being", she smiles, during an interview at the
University's Patrick Power Library.

Michael Gorman, President of the American Library Association and an
award-winning writer wrote the foreword. 

"Most people do not know how greatly love and libraries are entwined,
but the estimable Jimmy Buffet, the bard of rum and romance, knows the
power to sway the human heart of libraries and the words they contain,"
says Gorman. 

"As Buffet tells us in his song 'Love in the Library,' strange things
happen to those 'surrounded by stories, surreal and sublime,' he adds.

How true this is. 

"A university library always has been a magnet for romantic encounters.
Perhaps it's the comfortable chairs, the secluded stack areas, and all
those attractive students on a mission. Students always know the hot
spot on campus for meeting a potential romantic partner, and that's the
library," states Lefebvre. "They are considered a safe meeting ground."

Among its 180 stories the book contains accounts of love at the Halifax
Memorial Library and at Dalhousie University. There is even a lasagna
recipe which has a reputation for eliciting marriage proposals. "I know
of at least two cases where it had that effect," laughs Lefebvre

While most accounts in The Romance of Libraries are about romances that
developed in a library setting, some are about romances with libraries
themselves. Loosely arranged by context, the stories - happy, sad,
hilarious or bittersweet - share an overarching theme of the
transformative and emotive power of libraries. Lefebvre's underlying
message is that the physical library can play a role in our affections
that the virtual library never can. 

"I am delighted that the book has been released during the Patrick Power
Library's 30th anniversary year", smiles Lefebvre. "Those of us who work
in them know that libraries have the power to change lives."

Lefebvre will be reading some excerpts at a book launch at the Saint
Mary's University Art Gallery on December 13 at 5.30pm.


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