Hi everyone,

I believe we'll soon be in for some nasty weather, as in the real stuff re. snow, and the figurative stuff, re. possible election outcomes:)

I thought some of you might find this Election information web site a good source for a variety of views and perspectives – from the ‘official’ to ‘non-official’ and everything in  between. See: http://dowire.org/wiki/Canada_elections .

In the Globe & Mail today (Friday), columnist Rick Salutin referred to voting as an act of minimal democratic participation. I think he is right. Albeit important, it is still a very small part of the overall democratic process.

Besides voting, I like to challenge you as an APLA member to consider other forms of democratic participation in this up-and-coming election, specifically in your electoral riding: Do you know who is running in your riding and why? How many voters are in your riding? Will you consider working as a volunteer for your political party of choice? Do you know what the dominant concerns are for your colleagues, neighbours and friends in this election? Do they know your election concerns?  

I’ll promise you these activities will reveal a lot about the nature of the democratic process and how MPs get elected (or not)!

Time to get off the soapbox.

Have a nice weekend,