Acadia University will be hosting this Education Institute Teleconference.  This is jointly sponsored by CACUL.  All members of NSLA, APLA and CLA in the area are welcome to attend.  Please RVSP your attendance to me directly.


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An Introduction to Survey Methodology
with Lisa M. Given


Audio Conference

One Hour


Thursday, October 13, 4 PM Atlantic time

Location: AITT Training Room (B1 Level of the Vaughan Memorial Library)





Examines how to select appropriate survey methods to match your research goals. Interviews, questionnaires, observation, and other survey methods will be discussed - with a particular focus on when to use (or not use) each one. Related topics, such as how the results of each method differ and how results can be used to inform decision-making, will be explored.

The Benefits

  • Provides an overview of key decisions that need to be made in selecting appropriate survey methods;
  • Includes practical library-related examples, across a range of survey methods (e.g., interviews; questionnaires; observation);
  • Includes discussion time - so participants can ask questions about the methods they have used in the past or would like to use in future.

Who Should Participate?
Librarians working in any setting (academic, public, special libraries - or other information settings) who want to learn more about selecting appropriate research methods. The topic of the session will apply to a range of content areas - from health sciences to children's services.

Key Topics You Will Explore

  • "Methodology" vs. "method" - what is the difference, and how does this affect research design?
  • When should you use (or not use) particular methods?
  • What methods are best for particular settings, user populations, research topics, etc.?
  • How do time, money and other factors affect method choice?

Method of Instruction
Teleconference with accompanying PowerPoint and handouts.

Lisa M. Given
Lisa M. Given is an Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. She teaches graduate-level courses in research methods, Web design and information literacy. Her research interests include individuals' information behaviours, Web usability, the design of library space, and information use in the context of higher education. She has experience with a range of research methods - including observational work, qualitative interviews, questionnaires, and other survey approaches.

One of two sessions offered this fall on Selecting Appropriate Research Methods by Lisa M. Given. See Advanced Discussion of Survey Methodology on November 17.


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