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Knowledge Management Synergy - An Integration of People, Process and


September 7, 2005

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET

Speaker: Tracey Weiler, Manager, Knowledge Management, Research in Motion

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Not just for businesses and special libraries, but for all types of
information enterprise including public and academic libraries, Knowledge
Management principles and tactics enable effective use of institutional
knowledge and can be applied in any organization to ensure that its full
potential is realized.

 This session will focus on four main areas:

1.      A fundamental understanding of the theory and strategies underlying
Knowledge Management (KM)

a.      Knowledge Management
b.      Organizational Learning

2.      KM Synergy - An Integration of People, Process and Technology

a.      In recent years, Knowledge Management (KM) efforts have been
directed predominantly at IT infrastructures.
b.      This section will focus KM strategies on people and process and
consider technology as the vehicle or tool to achieve KM synergy.
c.      Most initiatives have been driven and limited by technological
capabilities rather than by strategy.

3.      How Knowledge Management theory has been turned into a best practice
at Research In Motion

a.      Case study of Research In Motion's Customer Support Operations

4.      How you can implement Knowledge Management best practices within
your organization

Tracey (Palmer) Weiler is Manager of Knowledge Management at Research in
Motion (RIM) and is an MBA candidate at Wilfred Laurier University. A proven
team builder, Tracey has also worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Knowledge
Management and Nitidus as Research Analyst where she was involved both in KM
and competitive intelligence. Tracey is a past president of Canadian
Association for Special Libraries and Information Services (CASLIS) and
former Director of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Information
Studies Alumni Association.

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