Hello - We have just posted a media librarian position in Fredericton on our jobsite at

If you are interested in applying please go to the website, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, click on jobs and select Current Openings.

Below is a cut & paste of the job description:

The Media Librarian is responsible for cataloguing and archiving previously broadcast local radio & TV programs and for selecting, cataloguing and archiving stock footage using standard library methods. The Media Librarian will also conduct, as required, background research using local resources and reference research for clients.

Key Tasks:
Establishes and maintains a cataloguing system to manage library material and the circulation of materials.
Prepares detailed summaries of the content of programs and/or library holdings.
Provides program material and/or research information on demand and assists Producers, Researchers, on-air personnel and others in the selection of material and the use of the library.
Selects and purchases material for retention in the library; prepares appropriate documentation to ensure payment.
Advises program production personnel on the availability of broadcast materials and assists them in obtaining items not available in the library.
Researches information using local resources.
Ensures the safety, security, preservation, maintenance and availability of broadcast materials and related documents or photographs; recommends replacement and/or new purchases.
Manages the disposition and removal of broadcast materials when authorized to do so.
Operates equipment required to perform library tasks.
As required, performs the following tasks:
screen broadcast material and select stock footage, prepare shot lists, classify and index material;
time check records, tapes, compact discs, videodiscs and other pre-recorded sources of program material.


Objective criteria:
Job requires a post secondary diploma in archival science, library techniques, records management or the equivalent. Depending on the assignment, some specialized skill or knowledge, such as knowledge of current affairs, may be required.
Job requires two years of comparable and relevant experience.
Detailed knowledge of radio and television production, including the ability to arrange feeds and/or dubs for production. Understands needs of production and how to move material around efficiently between CBC network and regions.
Experience in setting up and managing computerized circulation systems including barcoding, user identification and loan policies.
Ability to apply CBC Selection Criteria when acquiring and selecting materials for retention & CBC Cataloguing Standards when describing & classifying for retrieval.
Understands copyright issues.
Awareness of local information resources (external and internal) including federal, inter-provincial, provincial, regional and municipal.  Familiarity with local current affairs, history, arts and cultural events required.
Familiarity with, or ability to learn, CBC internal systems including iNews, Prolog, SVP, Medoc-Eureka, TVNLS.
Ability to research requests from and present results to external clients
A strong understanding of computer/information technology and databases as they relate to libraries
Must have knowledge of thesaurus structure and use.
Ability to work flexible hours and weekends as required.
Ability to work in high pressure, tight deadline environment, often in unexpected overtime situation.

Subjective criteria:
Librarian must work independently, as part of network of library porfessioanls, and as part of local production team.
Ability to create database records and to update existing records for content and quality using advanced database system and word processiong macros.
Contributes to program production on an ongoing basis.
Initiative and ability to plan, prioritize and organize workflow.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including ability to train production in use of library tools.
Excellent client-service orientation.
Must be independent, self-motivated and self-sufficient.


Leone Earls
Operations Manager, Libraries, Archives & Documentation
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Phone: 416 205-3243
FAX:     416 205-6257
e-mail:   [log in to unmask]