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Finding and Using Legal Resources on the Web

Eric Leduc, Davies, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg, LLP

The Internet is a fantastic repository of high quality legal information from around the world. Web-based legal resources are great enhancements to a library collection - if you know where to start to find key information.

6 weeks on-line @ your desktop, starting July 4, 2005
Monday, July 4th-August 8, 2005


Designed for general librarians and professionals without an extensive legal searching background, this course will review the top tools for finding good quality free legal information resources on the web. The course will focus on Canadian legal information. We'll cover a new topic in each week of this six-week program, together with the key resources plus exercises for searching these resources effectively.


This program is for you if you search for (or help others search for) laws, regulations or other legal information on the web. You should have some previous experience searching the web for information and be interested in expanding your knowledge of good web resources and related tools suitable for this discipline.


How Canada's justice system works
Understanding the differences between primary and secondary legal documents
The legislative process, and how to find documents at various stages of the process
Reaching beyond the basics: municipal law, Quebec law and major sources for US, UK and International law
Canadian Case Law - what it is and how to find it
How to make sure that the laws you find are current, and how to "note up" case law


Participants will get a highly relevant set of web resources plus tips and tricks for finding information fast. If you search for good quality legal information, or if you provide assistance to others seeking legal information, you'll benefit from this high quality on-line program.

Because of the detailed nature of Canadian legal materials, this course requires a commitment of at least 3 hours per week, which is the minimum required to review the course content and complete the assignments. Participants who wish to review each week's supplementary content will require up to 3 additional hours. To enable participants to apply their available time as efficiently as possible, the instructor s will attempt to differentiate ESSENTIAL materials from SUPPLEMENTARY materials in each weekly lesson.


Member: $149.00 + GST
Non-Member: $194.00 + GST

Instructor Biography

Eric Leduc is a librarian and research trainer for Davies Ward Phillips & Vinerberg, LLP, a Toronto law firm. He was called to the Quebec Bar in 1992. Eric is a past-president of the Toronto Association of Law Libraries (TALL).

Students Comment on this On-line Course...

Excellent resources -- glad to know there is so much available for free on the Internet. Excellent overviews and introductory material on topic. I found it to be a very useful review with new insights.

It was GREAT! Totally superb. Logical and easy to follow.

I enjoyed the program and I recommend it to my co-workers.

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