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As you may know, last Thursday March 24 the Ministers of Canadian Heritage and Industry released on behalf of the Government a Statement regarding copyright reform.  The Statement outlines proposals for a bill to amend the Copyright Act to address the short-term reform issues earlier identified in the Government's "Section 92 Report".  The intention is to introduce the bill to Parliament later this spring.  The Statement was also tabled in Parliament on the same day as part of the Government's response to the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage's Interim Report on Copyright Reform.  The Statement, together with a backgrounder and frequently asked questions, can be seen at the Copyright Policy Branch's website at:

Officials in the Copyright Policy Branch and their counterparts at Industry Canada and the Department of Justice are now busy drafting the bill.  Stakeholders and Canadians generally will have an opportunity to review the details of the bill's provisions once introduced, and to make submissions before the parliamentary committee designated to hold hearings on the bill.  If you have any questions in the meantime, you can reach us through clicking on "contact us" on the site.  

Our regular update of "What's New" and other the sections of our site will occur later this spring.

Bruce Stockfish
Director General, Copyright Policy
Department of Canadian Heritage
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