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> Dear Sir or Madam:
> As you may know, last Thursday March 24 the Ministers of Canadian Heritage and
> Industry released on behalf of the Government a Statement regarding copyright
> reform.  The Statement outlines proposals for a bill to amend the Copyright
> Act to address the short-term reform issues earlier identified in the
> Government's "Section 92 Report".  The intention is to introduce the bill to
> Parliament later this spring.  The Statement was also tabled in Parliament on
> the same day as part of the Government's response to the Standing Committee on
> Canadian Heritage's Interim Report on Copyright Reform.  The Statement,
> together with a backgrounder and frequently asked questions, can be seen at
> the Copyright Policy Branch's website at:
> Officials in the Copyright Policy Branch and their counterparts at Industry
> Canada and the Department of Justice are now busy drafting the bill.
> Stakeholders and Canadians generally will have an opportunity to review the
> details of the bill's provisions once introduced, and to make submissions
> before the parliamentary committee designated to hold hearings on the bill.
> If you have any questions in the meantime, you can reach us through clicking
> on "contact us" on the site.
> Our regular update of "What's New" and other the sections of our site will
> occur later this spring.
> Bruce Stockfish
> Director General, Copyright Policy
> Department of Canadian Heritage
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