First Timer's Conference Grant

Have you ever been to an APLA annual conference?
Do you want to go to Halifax but cannot afford it?
Why not apply for APLA's First Timer's Conference Grant?

To be eligible, an applicant must be a personal member of APLA, residing
in Atlantic Canada, and planning to attend her/his first APLA annual
conference. Grants are allocated, consistent with general APLA
guidelines, to help meet conference related expenses. If more
applications are received than can be met by the fund, money will be
awarded by drawing from the names of all eligible applicants. Recipients
will be expected to write a short report, for the Executive and the
Bulletin, summarizing their conference experience. Applicants should
include name, business address, chosen means for contacting (mail,
e-mail, telephone, fax) estimated costs (travel, accommodation, meals,
registration), and a signed compliance with eligibility requirements.

Applications should be submitted by March 31, 2005, to:

Allan Groen
Provincial Librarian
Province of Prince Edward Island
PO Box 7500
902-961-7316 (voice)
902-961-7322 (fax)