Hello everyone:

We are happy to announce a new feature on the Halifax Public Libraries
E-Branch called "Roots to the Past" at

This is a new local history and genealogy portal for researchers
interested in exploring their roots and history in Nova Scotia.

The site includes:

Just Starting Your Family Tree: a 10 step guide to starting your family

Basic Steps in Local History: a 10 step guide to researching local

Links to resource lists for: Acadians, Halifax Explosion, Literary
Walking Tour Reading List, Literary Firsts Resource list.

Also, have a look at our new resource list "HRM's Historic Communities",
a list of each community within Halifax Regional Municipality and some
which highlight the history of that community.

The site also has three online ditital histories: African Heritage in Nova
Scotia, the Halifax North Memorial Library and The Literary Walking

Featured Resources includes highlighted collection outlines or spotlights
on resources. This will change every so often.

Links to other websites of interest to Nova Scotian researchers.

The Genealogy Portal will take you to a brief collection overviews of
the types of resources we have at the library

The Local History Portal will take to you a brief collection overviews
of all our primary and secondary resource materials.

If you click onto the word "collects" in any of these collection
overviews, you will get a brief outline of our donations policy (with
regards to local materials), along with a wish list.

Please send any feedback to me directly. We look forward to your
comments and hope this will give you a clearer understanding of our
local history and genealogy collection and services.

all the best,

Joanne McCarthy
Reference Librarian
Halifax Regional Library
5381 Spring Garden Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 1E9
902-490-5813 (phone)
902-490-5746 (fax)